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Shipping policy


We ship all over Italy and worldwide by fast courier within 24 hours from receiving the order .

  • For multiple purchases we carry out COMBINED SHIPPING , in this way you can save on shipping costs.

The delivery of the purchased Products can take place in different ways:

  • Delivery to the Customer's home at the shipping address specified in the order. Only for payments made via Paypal is the shipping address chosen by the Customer when paying via Paypal itself and not to the address of the account holder or the one possibly requested by email. The delivery to the recipient's home requires the signature for acceptance by the recipient or by a person authorized to collect it. In case of non-delivery due to the absence of the recipient, a first notice is left by the courier (waybill copy); then the recipient will take care of contacting the Carrier as soon as possible to arrange delivery or collection at their headquarters.
    • Delivery with firm deposit: it is possible to have the package delivered to the local headquarters of the Carrier, using the Free-of-Deposit service. In the event that the recipient does not collect the package, the same will go into storage for the free period provided by each Carrier and then abandoned.

    At the moment of receipt of the goods , we advise you to check the integrity of the packages. In case of anomalies you will have to point out and write down exactly the same by the courier and reject the delivery, or keep the package and write " collection with vision reserve " on the note to be signed and return it to the courier. Otherwise, the possibility of asserting your rights regarding damage insurance will lapse, if it is expressly requested or is already included in the shipment.

    Failure to collect at the end of the free period of storage (different for each Carrier ) will result in the Customer being charged for the services incurred by the Seller (opening of practices and costs of storage at the Carrier)